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Phoebe Hunt

Sat, August 29 / 7 PM

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Like all troubadours, singer-songwriter Phoebe Hunt is a rambler. Recent years have seen the Texas native relocate from Austin to Nashville to her current residence in Brooklyn. This wanderlust is evident in the variety of projects she is a part of, moving in and out of multiple styles and genres of music with an effortless grace. 

Most recently, she has returned to the states from international travel in Sweden as a part of City of Songs, a collaboration initiated by The House Of Songs in Austin, TX wherein Austin musicians collaborate internationally in unique settings as they represent what it means to come from the live music capital of the world.  

Having collaborated and toured with such inspiring artists as Ben Sollee, Shakey Graves, The Belleville Outfit, and The Hudsons, Hunt is never one to turn down the opportunity to create a new sound or be a part of a musical experiment, but it is as a band leader that she truly shines. 

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Wrecking Ball Tribute

Sat, August 29 / 930 PM

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Hosted by Lonnie Trevino Jr of The South Austin Moonlighters with special guests; Jaimee Harris, Jacob Hilldebrand of Deadman, Fred Mandujano of Aaron Lewis/ Stained, Brian Douglas Phillips acclaimed Austin Producer, and Jayme Ivison.  

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Gretchen Peters

Sun, August 30 / 6 PM

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“One of Nashville’s greatest talents of the past two decades… still equipped with the ability to stop clocks with a well-turned phrase.” – Uncut (9/10 stars)

“Ben Glover, Jason Isbell, Suzy Bogguss and others help out along the way, but this is all Peters’s show as she shines a light under some very dark rocks.” – Q (4/5 stars)

“‘Blackbirds’ is one of the most affecting murder ballads since Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska” left a trail of corpses strewn across the American landscape.” – Rolling Stone

“An Americana tour de force. Her time is definitely now.” – UK Sun

 “…a profound, poetic, career-defining album from a singer and songwriter of the highest order.”

“Blackbirds’ 11 tracks rank among the most elegant and eloquent narrative punches to the gut she’s yet recorded.” – Nashville Scene

“‘When All You Got Is A Hammer’ is a war song for our times.” – No Depression

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Open Mic

Mon, August 31 / 630 PM

McGonigel’s Mucky Ducky is an Irish pub that features a very popular open mic night every Monday at 6:30p.m. (sign up at 6 p.m.) This little gem might be a bit easily overlooked in Houston’s typical bar scene, but that’s because it’s an entirely different kind of place.

You’ll hear plenty of folk, country and acoustic renditions by performers that spent their afternoon in classes at Rice or a long day at the office. Not only does the pub feature an impressive array of live music almost every night, but the Mucky Duck has been listed by Billboard Magazine as one of the 20 best acoustic venues in the country. Each performer gets three songs or 15 minutes on stage. --

The Duck stage is open for you to present your original compositions or a favorite song made famous by someone else. 

Comedians, poets, jugglers and mimes also welcome. 

Don't be shy. Come on out ~ It's your turn to be a Mucky Duck Open Mic Star.

Each performer has 3 songs or 15 minutes for their performance.

No cover charge

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Miracles of Modern Science

Tue, September 1 / 730 PM

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“Don’t mistake this band for something wimpy, just because it’s composed of chamber instruments. The mix of violin, cello, and stand-up bass combined with mandolin and drums fosters some serious power.” - The New York Times

“Takes classical instruments and pushes them to new levels…. Highlights talents becoming rarer and rarer to find in modern music.” - The Guardian

“‘MOMS AWAY!’ makes me want to, like, run around in a field screaming. I love that song!“ - NPR

One of the Top 100 Songs of 2011! -WIRED

“Don’t retire that “Best of 2011? list just yet. Nutso Brooklyn indie-experimentalists Miracles of Modern Science have just unloaded a “Must Hear” on our unsuspecting asses.” - Paste Magazine

One of the “25 Must-Hear Artists” from the 2009 CMJ Music Marathon. - Spin Magazine

Showing tonight

Game Night - Irish Session

Wed, September 2 / 730 PM

Game Night at the Duck

We have the games or you can bring your own. We have the beer, wine, and food. So bring your friends (and your skills!) for game night! See you at the Duck!

Irish Session


Barry Foy's Field Guide to the Irish Music Session defines a session as: ...a gathering of Irish traditional musicians for the purpose of celebrating their common interest in the music by playing it together in a relaxed, informal setting, while in the process generally beefing up the mystical cultural mantra that hums along uninterruptedly beneath all manifestations of Irishness worldwide.

Our Houston Session has been around for over 30 years - the last 23 have been hosted at the Mucky Duck. 

Come have dinner and pint and enjoy an Irish evening.

No cover charge

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Piper Jones

Thu, September 3 / 7 PM

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Piper Jones band combines the talents of Mucky Duck favorite piper EJ Jones of Clandestine and recent regular of the Grand Ole Opry, Houston native Frances Cunningham. 

As the Piper Jones Band, EJ and Frances will join pipe band drummer Dean Atkinson for a night of brilliant bagpipe tunes and Celtic songs.   

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Parker McCollum

Thu, September 3 / 930 PM

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As a musician and performer, he looks up to the art of pioneers such as Ryan Bingham, Ryan Adams and Townes Van Zant, artists who have lived their songs and have the battle scars to prove it. 

A mix of Americana, Texas Country and Indie Rock is the genesis of McCollum’s music career and he channels his creativity into delivering a genuine sound all his own. 

Kicking things off with his first single, “Highway” is a driving introduction to this spirited artist who aims to inspire and entertain in a way only one who declares he has no story of his own to tell can, by making one up with words and music.

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Chris Lively

Fri, September 4 / 7 PM

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Chris Lively amplified his voice in the Gulf Coast music scene with the release of his first full length album, Feather.  Featuring spacious, layered vocals, emotive lyrics, non-traditional arrangements, and instrumentation ranging from the telecaster to the cello, Feather’s twelve original songs pull the listener into a culmination of years of Lively’s study and songwriting effort.

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Natalie Rose

Fri, September 4 / 930 PM

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Like that first warm breeze from the south that let’s you know Spring is coming after a hard winter, Natalie Rose’s voice carries the promise of lifted spirits and better days ahead.

Natalie Rose clearly respects the heritage of country music, while striving to be a big part of its future. One listen to her new EP “Promise Me Beautiful”, produced by Ray Benson at Bismeaux Studio in Austin TX, will be proof of that.


With the singles “Lonely Home” and “Shivers” charting high already, she is fast becoming known as the most promising new country singer in a long while.

That would be good enough for most, but not for an artist with the experience, ability, and determination of Natalie Rose.