July 7

730 PM

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Inzi is an 19 year old singer-songwriter residing just north of Houston, Texas. She has been in music for about 11 years, and writing songs for about 6 years. Inzi began participating in multiple contests like Teen Talent shows, winning 2nd place, and the following year 1st place. 

Just before that, she auditioned for American Idol and America’s Got Talent with unfortunately no luck, as thousand of people try out hourly. Within the past 2 years Inzi has connected with Christian rock singer-songwriter and two-time Grammy nominee Sarah Kelly and her husband-producer Jonas Ekman, attending their songwriting school and producing demo tracks. 

Not long after that, Inzi’s EP was in production, with Sarah Kelly producing the vocals and Jonas Ekman producing the rest (instruments, layout, editing, etc.). Featured on her song Lying Riot on her EP is the famous and excellent Stevie Black, a strings composer for singers like Pink, Rihanna, Madonna, and many more. Her finished tracks were then sent off to Jeremy Hunter, a producer who worked on Taylor Swift’s Red album, to be mixed and mastered. Now, Inzi is touring, playing in a few secret shows opening for Sarah Kelly and playing at local gigs as well.