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Open Mic

Mon, January 22 / 630 PM

No cover charge.

You’ll hear plenty of folk, country and acoustic renditions by performers that spent their afternoon in classes at Rice or a long day at the office. Not only does the pub feature an impressive array of live music almost every night, but the Mucky Duck has been listed by Billboard Magazine as one of the 20 best acoustic venues in the country. Each performer gets three songs or 15 minutes on stage. --

The Duck stage is open for you to present your original compositions or a favorite song made famous by someone else. 

Comedians, poets, jugglers and mimes also welcome. 

Don't be shy. Come on out ~ It's your turn to be a Mucky Duck Open Mic Star.

Each performer has 3 songs or 15 minutes for their performance. 

Showing tonight

Bayou City Ramblers

Tue, January 23 / 730 PM

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The UH Bayou City Ramblers ensemble founded and directed by Garreth Broesche performs American traditional music, ie. Blues, Folk, Swing, Country, and Blue Grass.
Showing tonight

Game Night - Irish Session

Wed, January 24 / 730 PM

Board games are hot right now — whether it’s the new Euro-style games like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, 7 Wonders or Power Grid, or you’re kickin’ it old school with traditional games like the Trumpesque, land-grabbing Monopoly. For a great midweek diversion, head on over to the Mucky Duck for a pint and a little tabletop competition; they’ve been at it for almost 25 years. We checked in with Stevie Hazlewood, day manager for McGonigel’s Mucky Duck, and she says the club stocks a nice selection of titles for the Wednesday night Game Night and Irish Session. 

“It runs the gamut from Connect Four, to Scrabble, Yahtzee, Risk, three different versions of Monopoly, Scattergories, Cards Against Humanity,” says Hazlewood. Play one of those games or bring your own, and scarf down pub snacks like fish and chips, Welsh rarebit and the club’s famous shepherd’s pie. 

Best of all, there’s no cover. 7:30 p.m. 

- Susie Tommaney - Houston Press

Showing tonight

Honey Dew Drops

Thu, January 25 / 7 PM

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"Gorgeous harmonies, thrilling arrangements, and some remarkably insightful, honest writing. " - SING OUT!

"Handcrafted sound centered on swarming harmonies and acoustic guitars that churn like a paddlewheel and shimmer like heat waves on the highway."  - ACOUSTIC GUITAR MAGAZINE

"Just one of the highlights from the outstanding Tangled Country, a collection of often sad but still hopeful songs, 'Same Old' mines some of the territory of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, with lilting banjo, gorgeous harmonies and tasteful pedal steel, and exemplifies this duo's simple yet beautiful music." —FREDDY JENKINS, FOR NPR MUSIC'S FAVORITE SONGS OF 2015

Showing tonight

Griffin House

Thu, January 25 / 930 PM

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“If you are looking to be blown away by raw talent, then look no further than Griffin House.” —American Songwriter

It is a true, and nowadays rare, musician who writes lyrics so vulnerable and authentic that an audience is irrevocably captured by the powerful experience of sharing the journey. An album that is essentially an autobiographical account of personal mistakes, change, and growth, offers listeners a chance to reflect on their own experiences and connect with another’s story.

With Griffin House’s upcoming album, So On and So Forth, it is clear the artist digs deep and offers up his narrative after much reflection. House is now a young family man and artist who is choosing sobriety and celebrating the path to his success, through songs which share his perspective on how people remember the past with rose-colored glasses, how we grow up and realize what we deeply need, and how we must find happiness in ourselves in the present.

“The record has a lot to do with recognizing the ego in one’s self and letting it die. It can feel like your whole identity is being wiped away, and you don’t even know who you are anymore. For the person singing these songs, holding on to one’s own individuality in order to remain special or important in the world has started to became far less important than being content with being a good, decent, and loving person. But old habits die hard,” adds House.

The project was tracked last summer at Lakehouse Recording Studios, in Asbury Park, New Jersey. House’s ties to Asbury Park go all the back to 2004, when he was invited to tour with Patti Scialfa. His first show in the boardwalk town was opening a show for Scialfa at the Paramount Theatre. It was there that Griffin met her husband, Bruce Springsteen, and all the wonderful characters in their crew and band. Those memories and experiences made returning to Asbury Park over a decade later to record So On and So Forth feel like a full circle moment in his career.

House recorded the essentially live project with no click track and very little overdubbing. Lakehouse owner, Jon Leidersdorff, helped assemble the band. Prior to walking into the studio, House had never met the musicians and had no idea how the songs would turn out. He adds, “The experience ended up being one of the most fun and positive of my career. The process was stress-free and freeing.” The resulting album reflects this journey — a leap of faith with triumphant results.

Recording and performing for over a decade, House has toured with Ron Sexsmith, Patti Scialfa, Josh Ritter, John Mellencamp, Mat Kearney, and The Cranberries. He received early critical acclaim on the CBS Sunday Morning, and his songs have since been featured in countless films and television shows such asOne Tree HillArmy Wives, and Brothers and Sisters. He has also appeared on Late Night with Craig Ferguson. Most recently, CNN Newsroom invited House to perform “Paris Calling,” from So On and So Forth, live on the air, and the song has been picked up by radio prior to being serviced. House has released ten albums and continues to headline his own national tours. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Jane and their two daughters.

Showing tonight

Lisa Morales

Fri, January 26 / 7 PM

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CD Release for Luna Negra and the Daughter of the Sun

Hear Americana Singer Lisa Morales' Latin-Tinged 'I Want the Roses'

Tri-lingual artist explores Mexican heritage, female empowerment on 'Luna Negra and the Daughter of the Sun' LP

The Latin instrumentation and English, Spanish and "Spanglish" lyrics on Lisa Morales' thoroughly entertaining sophomore album Luna Negra and the Daughter of the Sun emphasize the impact of her upbringing, yet it's impossible not to hear the Americana and country-music influence that has made Morales one of the most multifaceted artists to watch in 2018.

Artists and industry experts on how pop's paradigm shifted – and what it means for 2018 and beyond

In a voice tinged with worldly wisdom, heartache and wanderlust, Morales' album strolls the music-filled backroads of two countries, offering a collection that's part Lucinda Williams, part Paulette Carlson-era Highway 101, and part Canciones de Mi Padre-era Linda Ronstadt. Morales (like Ronstadt, who is her cousin) was raised in TucsonArizona, where her mother, a Ph.D. who spoke 11 languages, immersed her in the work of poets like Spanish playwright Federico Garcia Lorca.

"She would take me down to the ocean," Morales tells Rolling Stone Country. "And the way she would describe things to me was more in a poetic sense. From the time I was about 5 through grade school, we had playwrights and authors at my house. People who were giving lectures at the University of Arizona would stay at our house. They would travel from Spain and South America and Mexico. So I was kind of revisiting all that."

While drawing on the unique perspective afforded her in her childhood, Morales has also gone deeper into more recent experiences to write material for this and her previous LP. "I Want the Roses," from the soon-to-be-released Luna Negra and the Daughter of the Sun, is a moving track in both a rhythmic and emotional sense, a powerful meditation on what we settle for as opposed to what we ultimately deserve in a relationship. (Listen to the song below.)

"My last album, Beautiful Mistake, was a grieving album," Morales explains. "My mom had passed and my marriage was over. This album is about relationships, but it's about me not settling for the norm anymore. I was thinking, 'Why, at my age, am I still writing about love?' It's just because I haven't gotten it right. So 'I Want the Roses,' was me saying, 'Hey, you want to be with me you've got to do this right. Otherwise, I'm gone. I'm out.' I said goodbye and, lucky me, I got the roses. [Laughs] I wrote it … and months after things changed."

"I Want the Roses" is featured on Morales' upcoming album, 'Luna Negra and the Daughter of the Sun.' Shock Ink

In addition to Austin-based guitarist Charlie Sexton, famed for his longtime work with Bob Dylan, the LP features seasoned musicians Adrian Quesada (Prince), David Pulkingham (Patty Griffin, Alejandro Escovedo), David Garza (Juliana Hatfield, Fiona Apple), Los Lobos drummer Cougar Estrada and Los Lonely Boys bassist Jojo Garza. The album was produced by Michael Ramos, who has worked with Shawn Colvin, John Mellencamp and the BoDeans, among others, and also adds atmospheric accordion to several of the tracks. Joining Morales on vocals are singer-songwriter Eliza Gilkyson and late Austin music icon Jimmy LaFave, who performs a duet on the track "Avalanche."

"We were friends; we'd see each other at gigs," Morales says of LaFave, who died in May 2017 after a battle with cancer. "We always talked about working together, writing or recording together. Actually, he introduced me to my boyfriend a few years back, so he's been very significant in my life. He had told me he had cancer and that he was going to fight it ... So when we started recording I called him and wanted him to sing background vocals on 'Avalanche.' The more I thought about it the more I thought, 'No, he needs to do a duet with me.' That day, he said [the doctors] gave him three months but he just couldn't believe it. I could see it was wearing on him. A week later he came in and, boy, the difference from the week before, health-wise, it was huge. So when he was recording we were in the control room and he couldn't see us, but we were crying."

For her part, Gilkyson's contribution on the album's stirring ballad, "Strong Enough," was, according to Morales, an inspiring combination of both vocal ability and female empowerment. While rooted in personal experience, it's a topic that has become part of a greater, worldwide conversation.

"I started writing it when I broke up with someone," says Morales. "Actually, he broke up with me. But I was feeling liberated by not having him. I was not going to waste the song on any 'poor me' or sadness because it sounded like a very strong woman's song. It was actually before the Women's March happened. It was time. And it's time for all of us to speak up and not take shit anymore. It's in all walks of life. My mom went to a priest when her marriage was in trouble and the priest hit on her. We all knew that we could not get any help before. Nobody would listen to us before. It used to be when a woman called rape it was, 'Well, what was she wearing. What did she do?'"

"I Want the Roses" will be released on January 12th, with Luna Negra and the Daughter of the Sun out January 25th on Morales' Zaino Records.

Showing tonight

Fred Eaglesmith

Fri, January 26 / 930 PM

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Fred Eaglesmith can talk to you about almost anything. Chances are, he’s had that car, tractor, job, relationship, idea, and hat. But throughout his life and experiences there is always one thing that has remained the same: his undeniable gift for writing a song. Aspiring songwriters and performers of all ages call and write Fred with questions on how to have a career like his. And what can he say? 

Start writing songs when you’re 10 years old. Grow up with poverty, agriculture, religion, and eight siblings. Run away from home. Hop freight trains. Start a business. Loose a business. Struggle to get any gig. Drive to Nashville with no money and pockets full of songs. Get a record deal. Lose a record deal. Win a Juno Award. Break down on the side of the road everyday for days on end. Become a cult hero and amass a following of self-proclaimed “Fred Heads.” Tour relentlessly. Become everyone’s favorite. Becomes nobody’s favorite. Follow your gut. Smarten up. Don’t care what anybody thinks. Be fair. Be loyal no matter what. Keep going. Soften up. Give people a break. Expect nothing. Give everything. Keep going. Allow yourself to be happy. Find out who you are and deal with that. Don’t stay in fancy hotels. Write good songs.

After all these years touring the United States, Canada, and Europe, having his songs covered by some of the biggest names in music, and appearing on “The Late Show with David Letterman” – the enigmatic, countrified, Rock n’ Roll troubadour, Fred Eaglesmith, is carrying on with musical wife Tif Ginn.

Eaglesmith is a veteran of the music industry and at the same time is about as far away from actually participating in today’s music industry as one could be. Never operating within anyone’s boundaries, he continues to set the standard for independent artists everywhere.

Tif Ginn is a gutsy, amazing singer and a transcendent songwriter who has spent most of her life touring and playing music. Her impressive, sultry vocals and glorious harmonies with Fred, along with her multiple instrument additions to the show will have you in awe. This girl has it all, including Fred.

Showing tonight


Sat, January 27 / 1 PM

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Fundraiser for the Geric Tipsword Campaign for Judge of the 280th District Court in Houston

ADM, comprised of the amazing father-son duo Anthony and Dean Marino, has been performing together for a few years all over the Fort Bend County area. Dad, Anthony Marino, a talented singer and songwriter who has cut 3 albums of his own, uses his talents to breathe new life into everyone’s favorite cover tunes. 

Son, Dean, age 11, has been likened to Journey’s Steve Perry because of his incredibly powerful vocal skills - and he has also released an album of original songs. 

Together, ADM has rocked and impressed crowds small and large and they’re looking forward to their Mucky Duck debut.

Showing tonight

Max Stalling

Sat, January 27 / 7 PM

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Stalling is more in tune with the sounds of the heart and soul than of the highway and the honky-tonk. He manages to convincingly incorporate the French line from the Beatles' "Michelle" into a country love song, then follow with a grisly tale of a cowboy drowning in a moss-slick cattle tank. On "Ain't Falling In Love With You Tonight", a portrait of a couple stranded in a small town, Stalling shows his ability to make sense of the unease and desperation common to his characters.

Among images of windmills, fence lines, drought and blistering sun, Stalling fills his songs with weathered men unsure of their ability to cohabitate and with women who deserve better. In his songs, a cloud or a shade tree is as valuable as money in the bank, while love and emotional contentment can be as elusive as coyotes running through the mesquite.  - NO DEPRESSION

Showing tonight

Mike Stinson

Sat, January 27 / 930 PM

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Mike Stinson can write songs in his really, check out Walking Home In The Rain from his fourth and most recent album Hell And Half Of Georgia. "Well that only happened once but yeah it's true. I woke up with that song fully formed playing in my head. No idea where it came from." General consensus is that Mike's blue collar songwriting ethic earned him that freebie. That kind of 'luck' comes from putting in the time. Here's a glimpse at what that time has looked like. Raised in Virginia, schooled in DC, Mike moved to Los Angeles where eighteen years made him a veteran of what he calls "the trenches of beer joint warfare." The last six years have found him based in Houston and barnstorming the roadhouses of Texas week in and week out.


Along the way he has written his very own version of the American songbook and developed an expansive live show that "has taken country and rock and boiled them down to their essence before injecting everything with the kind of ju-ju that Gram Parsons died for." (Bill Bentley, The Morton Report)  Critical acclaim has followed. Los Angeles Magazine named him Best Country Artist (2004), The Houston Press awarded him Song Of The Year (2010), Texas Music Magazine named him one of their Artists of The Year (2012) and one of their Records of The Year (2013), and The Houston Press named him Best Country Artist in each of the last two years (2014, 2015). But perhaps the more significant mark of Mike's creative success is the respect and admiration he's earned from a large songwriting community. His songs have been released on albums by Dwight Yoakam, Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Gilkyson, Jesse Dayton, Brian Whelan, Folk Uke (featuring Willie Nelson), Austin Hanks and Larry Bagby.


Few, if any walk, away from a Mike Stinson show unaffected by his particular slant. His songs are the thrills, chills and spills of life, filled with razor sharp word play, charm, depth, poignance and musical muscle. “Mike Stinson is dangerous, the kind of songwriter who can upend the way you see the world with a single line, and whose lean, mean rock and roll machine of a band usually starts at a Chuck Berry gallop and goes from there. They can crank it so hard, in fact, it’s entirely possible to miss all the diamond-tipped rejoinders, double entendres, aphorisms and the occasional outright burn that litter Stinson’s songs, and make him one of the wickedest lyricists around today.” HOUSTON PRESS